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Student Fund Movement

Scholarship program for students from primary education level up to high school level. Includes Orphans and Dhuafa children who are periodically being nurtured both mentally and spiritually.


Academy of Skills, Interests, and Talents

Dana Mustadhafin Academy aims to optimize the potential based on interest and talents. There are writing classes, graphic design to digital marketing techniques both offline and online. Each class has professional instructors in their respective fields. In addition to soft skills, the Academy also has a program to improve life skills so that participants are expected to have independent, creative, and noble personalities.


Qur'an and Reading Book Waqf Movement

It is a Dana Mustadhafin Program to distribute Al-Qur'an and reading books in every TPA, madrasah diniyah, library, or community that needs Al-Quran and reading books properly. As an effort of Dana Mustadhafin to foster interest in reciting and reading for students.


Mental and Spiritual Development

Coaching for students of the Student Fund Movement is carried out periodically, both mentally and spiritually, by motivators who are competent in their fields.


Literacy camp

A means of gathering in the open nature for fostered students and partner institutions of Dana Mustadhafin. By organizing various literacy-themed competitions and conducting coaching to foster brotherhood and cohesiveness.

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