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We would like to thank all Muzakki and Donors of Dana Mustadhafin

Through the management of ZIS Funds (Zakat, Infaq, and Sadaqah), we invite all of us to empower our brothers and sisters who are still unfortunate and need our helping hands so that they rise to be independent.


Dana Mustadhafin as an institution that manages ZIS Funds and other Social Funds acts as a facilitator between Muzakki and Mustahik so that both become empowered towards a better and dignified life through programs that we design and implement professionally.


"The best among you are those who are generous and the worst among you are those who are stingy. Whoever wants his faith to be clear should give to his brother in charity and try to fulfill his needs. Indeed, the one who gives charity to his brother is loved by the Most Compassionate, and at the same time repels the devil, is saved from hell, and enters paradise". (Book: Man La Yahdhuruhul Faqih Volume 2, page 61).





Husein Shahab, MA


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