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Dana Mustadhafin (DM) is a non-profit philanthropic institution that receives, manages, and distributes zakat, infaq, sadaqah, or other funds that are halal and non-binding. These funds can come from individuals, institutions, communities, and private / state-owned companies (corporate social responsibility).


Founded on June 28, 2008, based on Deed of Notary Hadijah, SH Number 24 of 2008. Ratification by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with Decree: AHU – 1990 AH.01.02, 2008. Registered with the Department of Social Mental Spiritual Development and Social Welfare RI DKI Jakarta Province with number: – 1310 B.


Then updated with the number: AHU 0000618.AH.01.05.TAHUN 2019, Concerning the ratification of changes in the legal entity of the Mustadhafin Fund Foundation.

The presence of the Mustadhafin Fund is motivated by the existence of the beloved State of Indonesia as a country with the largest Muslim population in the world. That is, the largest Muslim population means that it has a large potential for community funds as well. However, it seems that this great potential has not been maximally exploited.


In reality, there are still many Muslims who live in poverty, are unable to continue their education to a higher level, or are generally economically marginalized.


In religious language, this group of Muslims is called mustadhafin. Every Muslim has an obligation to defend them.


One form of defending them is by making use of people's funds, both from zakat infaq and alms. 


These funds are managed professionally and effectively through various programs designed to empower the mustadhafin community to become prosperous and independent.


for your Support

Vision :

Making the driving force in the independence of the people in an Islamic frame


Mission :

  • Developing models of community empowerment in education, health and empowerment based on spiritual values

  • Fundraising community resources

  • Mobilize the synergy of social care and humanitarian actions

  • Building synergies with various parties towards achieving independence



Professional, Accountable and Transparent. 

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