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Cianjur- Alhamdulillah, Dana Mustadhafin Team distributed the second batch of aid to the earthquake victims. One of the locations was Cibulakan Village, Cigunang District - Cianjur on Saturday night, November 26, 2022.

According to the volunteers’ records, this village was the most severely affected by the earthquake and suffered the highest number of casualties. The death toll in the village reached 92.

The aid was distributed to several evacuation sites, including Panumbangan Village in RT 2 RW 3, Imbangan Village in RT 2 RW 3, and Peuntas Village, Cibulakan.

All of the aid was immediately delivered to the affected victims.

In addition, Dana Mustadhafin along with ABI Responsive distributed aid at the humanitarian post in the Rancagoong area.

In this second phase of aid distribution, the aid consisted of 100 tents, 200 blankets, baby milk, and baby diapers. The distribution of these items is very urgent, especially in this region where it often rains.

In addition, the volunteers at the Humanitarian Post continue to distribute aid day and night to those in need.

We would like to thank the donors and Al Mawaddah Foundation as a partner, who have entrusted the distribution of their aid through Dana Mustadhafin. May what has been donated be good for all. #gempacianjur #danamustadhafin #pedulidanterpercaya #peduligempacianjur #berbagi #pedulisesama


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