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Inauguration of the Renovation of Al-Musthafa Islamic Boarding School Dormitory - Bandung

The symbolic handover of the inauguration of the Al-Musthafa Mandalasari Dormitory, Cikacung, Bandung, West Java from Mr. Eko Nugroho as manager of Dana Mustadhafin to Ustad Fajaruddin, head of the Al-Musthafa Foundation. Wednesday, October 26, 2022.

Alhamdulillah, Wednesday, October 26, 2022. Dana Mustadhafin's team inaugurated the renovation of the Al-Musthafa Islamic Boarding School dormitory in Mandalasari Village, Cikacung District, Bandung Regency, West Java.

The front view of the dormitory building of Al-Musthafa Islamic Boarding School in Bandung after the renovation.

The event went smoothly and was attended by Ustad Fajaruddin, the head of the Al-Musthafa Foundation, along with ustad and local community leaders.

Al Musthafa Islamic Boarding School is in need of dormitory space for students because the condition of the existing dormitory building is very unfit and cannot be occupied.

Therefore, we invite donors to be able to contribute to realizing other boarding school renovation programs so that students get a decent and comfortable place to study.

Your support encourages them in their studies.



BCA 375 302 4111

BNI 799 8383 032

CIMB NIAGA Syariah 86 000 280 7100 A/n

Yayasan Dana Mustadhafin

(Include code 014 at the end of your donation amount, for example, Rp 200,034) Donation confirmation: (Call Center Dana Mustadhafin).

Let's channel your best donations. #danamustadhafin


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