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Depok- Again, Dana Mustadhafin through one of its social service programs provided prosthetic leg assistance to one of the Xth grade vocational students who live in Depok City, West Java on behalf of Ikhsan Hafidz, a person with disabilities since July 2021. Due to a traffic accident while riding a motorcycle.

As a result of the incident, his right leg had to be amputated by the hospital medical team due to decay caused by the wound he suffered.

With this condition, Ikhsan Hafidz needs a prosthetic leg to do his activities, especially going to school. His family got information about Dana Mustadhafin’s prosthetic leg assistance service from social media.

Then Mrs. Neli as his parents contacted Dana Mustadhafin, to apply for prosthetic leg assistance for her son.

After following the procedure, finally, on September 7, 2022, the social service team of Dana Mustadhafin visited his rented house in Pemuda street Rt 05/08, Sukmajaya Village, Depok City. To conduct a survey and measurement of the prosthetic leg.

The process of making the prosthetic leg itself took about 3 weeks. Finally on October 4, 2022, the day Hafidz had been waiting for finally arrived. On this day, the delivery of the prosthetic leg was carried out by Dana Mustadhafin's team. Mrs. Neli's family looked happy and emotional when Dana Mustdhafin's team arrived at her house.

Mrs. Neli on behalf of the family expressed her gratitude for the concern of Dana Mustadhafin and all its donors for the assistance of a prosthetic leg for her son. She also appreciated that the service provided by Dana Mustadhafin was relatively fast in responding to her request.

May all those who have supported this program get the best reward from Allah SWT. With this assistance, of course, it can also encourage his son to pursue his dream of becoming an IT programmer, he said.

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