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Depok - Amidst the busyness of Dana Mustadhafin in distributing aid to victims affected by the Cianjur earthquake, West Java. The Ambulance Service team continues to serve the community in need of services.

On Wednesday night, November 23, 2022. The corpse delivery service team received the mandate to deliver the body on behalf of the deceased, Mr. Kromo Sentono bin Rono Sono, who died at the age of 90 years. The body was delivered from the funeral home in the Cinere area, Depok, West Java, to be buried in his hometown in Miridoyong Village, Sine District, Ngawi Regency, East Java.

The service team traveled 600 kilometers to deliver the body to his hometown. This service provided by Dana Mustadhafin is carried out free of charge, in order to ease the burden of the remaining family while benefiting others.

And to support ambulance services so that they can continue to provide free and optimal services. We invite all generous people to jointly support this program through donations:

DONATION LINK: Or Through: BCA 375 302 4111 BNI 799 8383 032 CIMB NIAGA Syariah 86 000 280 7100 A/n Yayasan Dana Mustadhafin (Include code 014 at the end of your donation amount, for example, Rp 200,014) Donation confirmation: (Call Center Dana Mustadhafin). #danamustadhafin #pedulidanterpercaya #layananambulancegratis #antarjenazah #ambulance #berbagi


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