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In a cool and misty mountainous area, Dana Mustadhafin was present to complete this year-end mass circumcision activity on Wednesday, December 28, 2022. Dana Mustadhafin's medical volunteers have been moving from the office of Dana Mustadhafin since morning to the location at Al Moektasam Mosque, Banyuwangi Village, Cigudeg District, Bogor Regency with a distance of 82 Km. Today's mass circumcision, which was centered at Al Moektasam Mosque, was enthusiastically welcomed by the participants who had been present at the registration table since morning. Apart from cooperating with the mosque management, this activity also received support from the Banyuwangi Village Government and MUI of Banyuwangi Village as well as Swoosh Coffee Shop. The Head of Banyuwangi Village, Mr. Rio Faroduddi, S.Pdi, really appreciated this activity, especially since it was the first time his village held mass circumcision activities. Moreover, dozens of children participated in this mass circumcision, and some of them came from neighboring villages. “We hope that this kind of activity can be done every year in the future. We would also like to thank Dana Mustadhafin for choosing our village as a program area.” Meanwhile, Mr. Akhmad Hidayat as General Manager of Dana Mustadhafin, said that today's activity is the closing series of mass circumcisions for this year with a target of 150 children. The hope is that circumcised children will become the true next generation. We would also like to thank all parties and donors who have supported the smooth running of this activity. After the circumcision, the participants will receive Koko clothes, sarongs, caps, gifts of learning equipment, rice boxes, and compensation money. In addition, while waiting for the call, the participants get entertainment and magic shows from clowns presented by the committee. #danamustadhafin #pedulidanterpercaya #khitananmassal #berbagisesama #khitangratis2022


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