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Family Gathering of Student Fund Movement - Dana Mustadhafin

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

A group photo session of Gerakan Dana Siswa students with the Management of the Dana Mustadhafin Foundation and representatives of foster parents during the Gerakan Dana Siswa Family Gathering at Raden Bahari, South Jakarta, Sunday, October 30, 2022.

Jakarta- Still in commemoration of the Maulid Prophet Muhammad saw 1444 H. Dana Mustadhafin organized a Family Gathering of the Student Fund Movement (Gerakan Dana Siswa - GDS) with the theme "Supporting the Achievement of Quality Education," at Raden Bahari, South Jakarta, Sunday, October 30, 2022.

This event was held to bring together foster parents with their foster students who have been assisted by Dana Mustadhafin from elementary to the high school level.

At this event, trophies were also handed over to the winners of a number of competitions held by Dana Mustadhafin for GDS children. The competition between GDS students with the theme of the Maulid Prophet Muhammad saw started in August 2022. The event was also enlivened by poetry recitation, hadroh, and nasyid songs accompanied by acoustic guitar.

The main program was performed by Siti Silvilah Suflah, a "poem" of gratitude, expression of prayer, and sincerity to foster parents. Followed by the giving of "roses" as a sign of love from representatives of GDS students to foster parents who have been their Ideological Mother and Father.

One of the leading education programs at Dana Mustadhafin is the Student Fund Movement (GDS):

  1. The program distributes scholarships to students in need from elementary to high school levels throughout Indonesia.

  2. Making the GDS program an alternative to coaching and talent development.

  3. Developing the character and personality of students through coaching skills (soft skills), mental and spiritual (life skills).

The Student Fund Movement (GDGs) also supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  1. End poverty in all its forms.

  2. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, and support lifelong learning opportunities for all.

  3. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, of all ages.

The presentation of trophies for the winners of the competition between GDS students with the theme of Maulid Prophet Muhammad saw held by Dana Mustadhafin.

As a representative of the foster parents, Mrs. Aminah Chaerani revealed "I feel honored to be invited to this event because I feel it is useful for all younger siblings. Even though it is not much, hopefully, Allah Swt makes this a blessing for the future and helps your journey (red: GDS students). May you all become useful people, especially for Islam, and love the Prophet Muhammad and his family, as well as be a pride for parents."

"Don't forget to always give alms, because Insha Allah it will help you throughout life and make everything easier", added Mrs. Aminah Chaerani in her speech.

To this day, through the Student Fund Movement program, Dana Mustadhafin has distributed scholarships to more than 1000 beneficiaries of students.

Let's support this education program through: or BCA 375 303 8198 MANDIRI 070 00 0660057 6 a.n Yayasan Dana Mustadhafin

Dana Mustadhafin Caring and Trustworthy


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