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Dana Mustadhafin for Quran - Book Waqf to Assisted Institutions in Tegal Angus

Tangerang - Dana Mustadhafin currently has several assisted institutions, one of which is Ar Ridho Indonesia in Tegal Angus Village, Tangerang Regency. Some of the diniyah education and community empowerment activities that have been carried out by the foundation include Quranic Education Park (TPA) and Creative House facilities as a forum for community empowerment, such as sewing training activities.

On December 28, 2022, Dana Mustadhafin distributed Waqf Books and Qurans to Ar Ridho Indonesia, which was the 8th institution to receive this Waqf program in 2022. The Quran was distributed in the form of small, large, and translated Qurans and Islamic reading books.

Mrs. Siti Mafruha, the TPA teacher said "Alhamdulillah, thank you to Dana Mustadhafin for giving the Quran and book waqf, and hopefully it will broaden our students’ insights."

The Quran and Book Waqf Movement is a program by Dana Mustadhafin to foster interest in reciting the Quran and reading books to improve the literacy of Indonesian children.

This movement helps to provide copies of the Quran and books for TPA, Madrasah Diniyah, libraries, and students supported by Dana Mustadhafin.

For those of you who want to join the Quran and Book Waqf program, you can donate through:

Book Waqf donation link: Quran Waqf donation link: or BCA 375 303 8198 MANDIRI 070 00 0660057 6 a.n Yayasan Dana Mustadhafin (Include code 027 at the end of your donation amount, e.g. IDR 200,027) #DanaMustadhafin #PedulidanTerpercaya


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